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А series of the work «Problems of legal regulation of pre-election campaigning»

Work number - M 84 FILED

Author:Shevereva V. Е.

Represented by National  University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine»

Series of scientific works consists of monographs, 8 scientific articles and 14 abstracts, which were published during 2006–2012.

The aimis to research of pre-election campaigning as complex multiple-unit category of science of constitutional law and law-politician phenomenon, their essence and content-richness features, evolution, specifics of law regulation in Ukraine and abroad, opening the limits, forms and facilities of its undertaking and also deciding the problems of institute pre-election campaigning in electoral law,  the formulation of the conceptual complex of offers to improvement of law regulation of pre-election campaigning.

Scientific novelty of the researchlies in the fact that for the first time in the domestic jurisprudence a comprehensive analysis of the legal regulation and prospects for development of the institution of pre-election campaigning in Ukraine is carried out. Author put new unconventional tasks to disclose the legal nature of campaigning as a stage of the electoral process, the institute of electoral law, subjective suffrage, variety of social activities and an integral part of political campaigning.

The practical significanceis expressed in the fact that for the first time criteria of differentiation of pre-election campaigning and voter informing is proposed; new approaches to the unification of regulation of forms of pre-election campaigning with different types of elections in Ukraine are developed; fundamental results are obtained on the delimitation of legislative forms and means of pre-election campaigning, on the use of modern communication technologies in the process of pre-election campaigning and the inclusion of relations in this sphere in the field of law regulation; new approaches regarding the structure of pre-election campaigning as an integrated multi-element scientific category, especially as a legal construction are suggested. Cycle results are important for electoral reform on the principles of fairness, equality, openness and transparency of the electoral process.