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The series of the work "Polymerization of fullerene films under doping with metals and irradiation"

Work number - M 82 FILED

AuthorPalenko O.L.,

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

The purpose of this series of research papers is to determine mechanisms of polymerization and structure of the polymerized phases of C60 fullerite films under doping  with metal atoms of d-and p-elements and irradiation with electrons and ions of metals on the polymerization and amorphization processes of fullerenes.

In the work is shown that asymmetry and fine structure of vibration bands of Raman and infrared absorption spectra of pure C60 films is caused by Davydov splitting due to effects of the crystal field, isotops of carbon 13Сand vibration resonances that point on amplification of vibration-electron interaction of C60 molecules in the high-temperature fcc phase.

Quantum-chemical calculations showed that molecules of C60 form complexes with atoms of Fe, Ti, Cu, Sn and dimmers with atomsТi, Sn, C. Metal atoms transfer charge to the C60 that leads to lowering of Ih symmetry of the molecule and induces changes in vibration spectra.

Doping of fullerite films with p-type metals (Sn, In) induces polymerization of fullerite structure due to formation of fullerene dimmers, linear chains, tetragonal and rhombohedral plains.

Irradiation of C60 films with electrons (Ee=1.8 MeV) induces radiation damages of the films due to knocking out carbon atoms from the molecular cage. Carbon atoms can form complexes with C60 with further formation of polymerized structure. Irradiation of fullerene films with Fe+ and Ti+ ions creates radiation damages of the films, but at lower fluences knocked carbon atoms and bombardment ions induce formation of fullerene dimmers, linear chaines, tetragonal and rhombohedral plains

Submitted for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientistsseries of scientific papers consists of 12 scientific papers published during 5 years, and 11 abstracts of scientific conferences.

A number of fundamental results concerning the interaction of molecules with high-energy irradiation of fullerenes and doped metal atoms have been received.

New approaches to establishing the mechanisms of interaction of molecules with metal atoms of fullerenes are proposed.

Authors have formed new non-traditional tasks of fullerites polymerization under irradiation and doping metals iron, titanium, copper , and tin .

The results of the cycle are important for the development of fundamental science.

The results of research on the topic of work are set out in 12 articles (including 2 in foreign journals ) 11 theses reports. The works of authors were cited in 7 scientific journals , the general index of citing articles is  1 (according to the databases Scopus), h- index = 1.

 The total number of publications by author is 19.