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А series of the work «Land Administration Mechanisms for Sustainable Development»


Authors: Stepenko O., Sakal O., Tretiak N.

Presented Public Institute «Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».

The series of the scientific work consists of 4 monographs, 15 scientific articles, 6 abstracts and conference materials published during 2010-2012.

In the series of the scientific work presented a number of fundamental and applied research results to address the problem of providing effective administration of social relations concerning land.

The conceptual model of innovative marketoriented mechanisms for the development of land relations in modern economic conditions in Ukraine in accordance with the concept of sustainable development lies in the definition of administrative and legal, institutional, financial, economic, social and psychological mechanisms established set of methods and tools to improve ecological, economic and social impact in all spheres of public life.

New methodological approaches to the use of land rent as an institutional framework improving the efficiency of land administration and land use are suggested, including improved system of land valuation and land payments on the rental basis.

There were defined modern trends in relationship of land property and resources by retrospective analysis of land reform in Ukraine. The necessity of introducing innovative forms of relationship administration on land use due to environmental restrictions on land use was proved.

The results of research series of the scientific work are important for the scientific substantiation of state and regional policy in land administration and environmental protection; in determining the strategies of economic and social development of the regions of Ukraine; improvement General Planning Scheme in Ukraine, project planning schemes of certain regions of Ukraine.

Total number of publications of authors:

Stepenko O. – 29 scientific papers, including 5 co-authored monographs, 17 articles, 7 abstracts and conference materials;

Sakal O. – 34 scientific papers, including 1 personal and 5 co-authored monographs, 16 articles, 12 abstracts and conference materials;

Tretiak N. – 26 scientific papers, including 1 personal monograph, 21 article, 4 abstracts and conference materials. The overall index of citing articles is 11 (according to the system Google-Academy (, h-index = 2.