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А series of the work "Fundamental basis of the creation of new multifunctional nanomaterials with interferonogenic and antiviral activities"


Authors: Panchuk R.R., Malyukina M.Yu., Ivanova O.S., Bogorad-Kobelska O.S.

Presented at the annual awards competition of the President of Ukraine for young scientists by 2014.

A series of scientific papers consists of 32 articles published during 2006-2013 years. During fulfillment of this work a framework for development of new multifunctional nanomaterials with interferonogenic and antiviral activities was established, together with modern methods for study of their biological safety (toxicity, mutagenicity, ability to interferon induction and production of pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines).

Impact of studied compounds on the intensity and nature of the cytokine response of the organism was studied, as well as on the progress of oxidative stress induced by UV irradiation, hydrogen peroxide or a viral infection. This was done using the method of rapid assessment of the functional state of cells by means of fluorescent probes. Under conditions of oxidative stress combinatorial action of antioxidants and anticancer agents was studied. It was shown that novel antioxidants were able to decrease production of reactive oxygen species and thus significantly lower toxic effects of drugs on normal cells. Series of scientific papers contains the priority results of a study of changes of plasma and mitochondrial potential of cells, which allowed explaining the mechanisms of action of the studied compounds as membrane-mediated.

A new approach of synthesis of highly active nanomaterials is proposed, and great promise of their use in induced oxidative stress is demonstrated. Authors also proposed new way for development of highly effective nanobiocomposite antiviral drugs based on cerium dioxide and interferon, which demonstrate significantly higher efficiency compared to its components in native form.

The results of thiscycle are important for future large-scale clinical studies aimed for development of new strategies for the treatment of human malignancies and introduction of novel advanced and efficient multifunctional nanomaterials with interferonogenic and antiviral activity on Ukrainian pharma market.

The results ofresearch on the topic of work are outlined in 32 articles (including 21 in foreign journals), 54 abstracts. The works of authors were cited in over 157 scientific journals, the overall citation index of this cycle of articles is 182 (according to the Scopus database), h-inde =7. Also the results of proposed study were led to receivalof one patent of Russian Federation. Total number of authors’ publications- 77.