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А series of the work «Ekonomic and legal provision of functioning of electrical energy complex of Ukraine»



Bytyak O.Yu.

Presented Scientific and research institute of  providing legal framework for the innovative development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Series of scientific papers consists of 1 books, 6 scientific articles and 3 abstracts of scientific reports published over 4 years.

A basis for development of the electricity legislation of Ukraine.

A number of fundamental results on the development of the electricity sector.

Series of scientific papers has priority results in the formation of energy legislation and places therein Electricity Code.

New approaches systematization electricity legislation.

Author by setting new non-traditional tasks in the energy sector .

The results of the cycle are important for theoretical and practical applications .

The results of research on the topic of work outlined in the monograph 1 , 6 articles (including 0 in foreign journals ), 3 abstracts. Works cited by more than 5journals.

The total number of publications by - 10.