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А series of the work «Cultural heritage and its influence on development of regions of Ukraine»


Author: Polyvach К.А.

Represented by the Institute ofGeography of NASof Ukraine.

А series of the work consists ofone monograph, 10 scientific articles, 7 abstracts, and 3 maps published for 8 years.

The aim ofthe work is to improve the theoretical and methodological foundations of socio-geographical study of cultural heritage of the country and to develop practical recommendations for its inclusion into the economy as an important component of social and economic development of the territories.In the presentedscientific papers updated conceptual and terminological apparatus, the definitions of “historical-cultural resources”, “historical-cultural potential” and “historical-cultural skeleton” are offered. It was shown the heritage’s role in socio-economic development of regions and settlements. New view on structure of cultural heritage is proposed. The methodical principles and demands of procedure of assessment of cultural heritage are elucidated. The procedure of assessment of cultural heritage for regional and local levels is proposed. The procedure of assessment of cultural heritage from the positions of its influence on the regions’ development is developed. The presentedscientific papersoverviews the contemporary state and features of territorial organization of Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Is proved the offers concerning to the basic directions of preservation and use of a cultural heritage in modern socio economic conditions, in particular, is generated bases of strategy of development of sphere of protection and use of a cultural heritage of the country; is generated the basic prime directions of perspective development of mapping a cultural heritage and the concept of creation of the thematic atlas “Ukraine. Natural and cultural heritage” is developed; the concept of an educational rate for high schools named “Natural and cultural heritage” is developed.

The results ofresearch on the topic of work set out in one sole monograph, 10 articles, 12 abstracts. Author's work cited in more than 20 scientific journals.

Total number ofpublications of the author – 38.