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А series of the work «Complex Markovian Models and Their Statistical Applications»




Presented by V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine.

     Series of scientific papers consists of 22 scientific papers published in 2010 - 1st quarter of 2013.

     New mathematical methods and algorithms based on modern computer technologies for solving some important interdisciplinary theoretical and applied problems arising in economics, financial mathematics, and biology are developed in the present series of works.

     A number of fundamental results related to structure characteristics study and parameter estimation of new classes of Markovian processes related to basic processes characteristics and their asymptotic behavior research was obtained. Fundamental results widely used in the study of important problems of bioinformatics were obtained in the development of information analysis computer technologies, statistical methods of Markovian models characteristics estimating.

The obtained results are new, have priority nature and correspond to the world level of studies, they were repeatedly cited and recognized by this research sphere experts. They were published in prestigious national and foreign scientific journals, presented at international conferences and seminars.

     Thus, in the series of works new non-traditional tasks of important classes of Markovian systems are set and the theoretical framework for their study is significantly developed. Some methods for their use in solving of applied problems in biology, financial and insurance mathematics.

     The results of research on the topic of work were set out in 16 articles (including 16 in foreign journals), 6 report theses. The works of authors were cited in over 126 scientific journals, the general index of citing articles is 5 (according to the Scopus databases), and 10 (according to the Google scholar base).

     Total number of publications of the authors 179.