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А series of the work "The agroecological evaluation of soil"


Author:Telehuz O. V.

Submittedby:The Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The seriesof the work presents the results of agroecological evaluation of soil in Lviv Oblast by defining classes of soil suitability of arable land for growing crops on the level of natural agricultural districts and provinces. The study was based on the statistical and research materials.

Analysis of the history research on agroecological evaluation of soil showed that longterm research results and different evaluation approaches indicated the difficulties, importance and complexity of this subject. The morpho-genetic parameters and physic-chemical properties of soils in Lviv Oblast have been generalized and its agricultural-production classification has been analyzed.

The structural formula of soil cover in natural-agricultural districts has been developed. The current state of the eroded soil has been estimated and erosion rate calculated. An agroecological assessment of the valuable soil has been provided. The calculation method for the geographical distribution index and soil value has been described. The soil-ecological index of background soils of natural-agricultural districts in the region and information database for its calculation have been developed. The various approaches for soil zoning and the scheme of agroecological zoning of Lviv Oblast have been proposed. The proposed zoning approach is based on spatial differentiation of agro-ecological conditions and requirements of major crops.