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Series of scientific works «Scientific basis of agriculture waste bioconversion by higher fungi and its products use in functional food»


Authors:Krupodorova T.A., Antonenko L.A., Dreval K.G.

Presented by Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

A series of the work consists of 1 monograph and 35 scientific articles, published during 7 years.

A number of fundamental results about the features of Macromycetes growth and exoenzymes synthesis by fungi in culture, biological value and activity of fungi biomass and its culture liquid were obtained. Prospective for biotechnological applications – conversion of agriculture wastes (of oil extraction industry – schrothes and millcakes, of pasta and cereal production – grist, of milk production – milk whey) species of higher fungi were selected and evaluated the use of these wastes as a substrate for fungi cultivation and obtaining of bioconversion products, rich in biologically active substances: fungi biomass and culture liquid. Antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, immunomodulating properties of fungi biomass and its culture liquid, its ability to absorb heavy metals and reduce the cholesterol level were established and indicates a high potential of fungous biologically active substances.

A scientific basis for the introduction of innovative technologies for the production and use of fungal mass for producing on its basis the range of new, high-quality functional products for the domestic and export market of Ukraine were created, which confirms the approval of the technical documentation and test prototypes of products.

A highly effective method of obtaining cellulase enzymatic preparations was developed, which for the first time allows obtaining of full enzymatic complex due to elution of cellulases from the cultivation substrate. 4 highly purified original products of basidiomycete mushrooms were received. Regarding high stability to temperature and pH, ability to hydrolise cellulose satellites and activity of cellulase complex components, preparations of higher fungi are more effective in complex conversion of lignocellulosic substrates comparing with commercial analogs.

New approaches and agents for the conversion of agriculture wastes and production of functional foods were proposed. The results of present series of the works are relevant in solving humanitarian problems of our country by improving the structure of citizens nutrition and answering a number of environmental problems, effectiveuse of biological resources through their non-waste recycling. Some areas are in priority not only for Ukraine but also for world science.

Total amount of authors publications: 158, including 98 related the series of the works: 1 chapter in the monograph, 35 articles (14 published in journals which included to the foreign scientific bibliographicdatabases), 8 patents of Ukraine, including – 1 patent for invention and 7 patents for utility model, 52 abstracts and 3 guidelines.