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Series of scientific and technical papers «Integrated improvement of reliability and effectiveness of reinforced-concrete and stone buildings in seismic hazard conditions»

Work number - M 70 FILED

Authors: KhokhlinD.O., IatskoO.V.

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ministry of  Education and Science of Ukraine

The series of scientific papers including 19 scientific articles (16 of which in professional periodicals) were published over a period of 2005 – 2013.

The purpose of research: solving the problem of insufficient seismic stability of existing reinforced-concrete and stone buildingsin Ukraineconstructedin accordance with the obsolete standards and developing new effective constructive solutions for seismically stable buildings including high-rise buildings.

Scientific novelty of the research consists in:

- classification of typical damages and defects in mass series buildings constructed on subsidence soils of seismically dangerous areas as well as development of methods for analyzing the technical condition of such buildings including calculations; study of the correspondence of existing mass series buildings to the new construction rules of Ukraine; study of dynamic parameters of 67c series buildings and regularity of their changes depending on various factors; analysis of effects of  irregular foundation rigidity reduction during the emergence of subsidence pockets on the building mode of deformation as a result of seismic action; study and improvement of automated calculation methods of stone constructions including damaged and reinforced ones; development and analysis of the restoration and reinforcement methods effectiveness involving the application of modern and special materials and technologies;

- specification of fundamentals and principles of building design taking into account a possible combination of effects of substantial foundation irregular deformations and seismic loads; determination of general principles for an effective reinforcement of building structures and buildings in seismic conditions and possible substantial irregular deformations in foundation; application of extending and built-in reinforced-concrete structures to strengthen existing stone buildings in seismic conditions;

- development  of CFST element detailed modeling methods and  further use of the developed model in various studies; generalization of the global experience in testing and implementation of structures with an outer reinforcement in the industrial and civil construction; determination and study of prospects of improving existing constructive systems of spatial frames involving CFST columns taking into account the interaction trends of innovation processes and traditional experience.

- development and justification of the design decisions for autoclaved airconcrete blocks walls and applied substantiation of their effectiveness.

Practical importance of the research consists in the opportunity of applying the obtaining results for an effective complex improvement of the seismic resistance of both existing and designed reinforced-concrete and stone buildings.