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Scientific grounds of terresttial molluscs’ conservation in Ukraine


Proposed by I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of ZoologyNAS Ukraine


Author: Igor A. Balashov

The aim of this work was to proceed complex taxonomic revision and estimation of conservation status of each terrestrial molluscs’ species in fauna of Ukraine.

Studies on taxonomy, distribution, morphology, ecology and conservation of terrestrial molluscs of Ukraine are summarized in the two monographs without co-authors.

Complex taxonomic revision of the 231 species of this animal group of Ukraine and adjacent regions is provided for the first time. Their system is adjusted; the identification keys are provided for all species. One new species and two new subspecies were discovered and described from Ukraine, one new genus and new 3 subgenera are introduced. The 15 forms that were considered to be separate species are shown to be intraspecific varies of other species, they are synonymized.

Complex estimation of conservation status of all terrestrial molluscs’ species of Ukraine is provided by the criterions of Red Book of Ukraine and Red List of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is done both for country on the national level and on the level of each of its 27 administrative parts, which is necessary for making and managing not only Red Book of Ukraine, but also regional red lists. The 13 main threats to the populations of terrestrial molluscs in Ukraine are classified and analyzed. The measures for protection of these animals in Ukraine are proposed. For 10 species of molluscs conservation status was considered to be “Endangered”, for 16 – “Vulnerable”, for 19 – “Rare”. Only 13 of these 45 species are listed in Red Book of Ukraine, it is proposed to include there also other one with mentioned categories.

Proceeded work gives basis for any further studies of terrestrial molluscs in Ukraine and allows to execute them on more modern scientific level. Its results will be used at formation of the next edition of Red Book of Ukraine, at creation and renewing of red list of administrative parts of Ukraine and also at creation of the network of protected areas in Ukraine. Received data is also giving a basis for Ukraine to appropriately execute its obligations by international agreements, including Berne Convention.

Number of publications: 61, including 2 monographs and 24 papers (16 in foreign journals) by the topic of this work. General number of citations of author’s publications is 38 (in Scopus data base), h-index = 3 and 313 (in Google Scholardata base), h-index = 10.