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Rational use and protection of irrigated land in Ukraine

Work number - P 43 FILED


Stashuk V.A., Romaschenko М. І., Gryn Y.І., Shevchenko А.М., Savchuk D.P.,      Balyuk S.А., Ladnyh V.Y., Malyarchuk N.P., Kovalenko A.M., Naidenova V.A


It’s submittedby the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of NAAN.

The authors created fundamentals ofeffective development of irrigation in Ukraine on the basis of the application of modern water saving irrigation methods, ecologically safe irrigation regimes, and measures to minimize the negative impact of irrigated agriculture on the environment. A number of fundamental results concerning the soil processes development and soils agrogenic evolution modes under irrigation, formation of ecological reclamation state of irrigated land were obtained.

It has been developedscientific basis and methodology of the organization and conductingof irrigated land monitoring.

It has been developedmethods for improving technical and operational reliability of irrigation systems and sprinkling machines. It’s offered new approaches to determining and assignment of crops irrigationterms and rates according to the tensiometric control, state and availability of soil moisture under drip irrigation.

Has been developedand implemented new high-intensity energy-and water-saving, ecologically safe growing technologies for different crops on irrigated land.Their usein various ways with improved and modern wide-sprinkler and drip irrigation systems provides increase yield of vegetable crops at 75-90 t / ha and of cereals – 3,8-9,1 t / ha and the production plant for amount of around 15 billion annually.

To ensureirrigation systems with sprinkling machines have been developed energy-efficient low-pressure sprinklers modifications of "Frigate" IM-BNM with the hydraulic drive, production is carried out at the plant "Fregat" (Pervomaysk) from 1989 to the present. From 2012 started production of new domestic wide-sprinkler frontal-circular action with electric drive of supporting carts "Frigate" DMFE, which by its technical, exploitation and energy parameters do not inferior to the best samples of known foreign firms.

With the useof research results and developments in the field of small-size irrigation were design, complete, built and operate about 10 thousand hectares of drip irrigation of grapes, fruit, berries, vegetables and melons in different regions of Ukraine.


The research resultsare presentedin 325publications, including 6monographs.Authors received45patents.On thissubjectdefended5 doctoraland 32master's theses.