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Rational technological complexes machines for harvesting and post-harvest processing of grain crops


Presented to the National scientific center "Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture».

Authors:: Dnes Viktor Ihorovych, Skibchyk Volodymyr Ivanovych, Shvydia Viktor Oleksandrovych.

The aim of this work is to increase the efficiency of technological processes in crop production through the use of rational systems machines, which are justified on the basis of coordination of the parameters technical equipment these processes with the characteristics of production plans, taking into account the variability of the agrometeorological conditions.

Developed scientific-methodical bases of a substantiation of rational complexes of machines for harvesting and post-harvest processing of the crop of early grain crops is based on aggregate statistical simulation modeling of these technological processes taking into account the system characteristics influence the production of plans harvesting of early grain crops, parameters of harvesting and transport systems and equipment items of postharvest grain processing on functional performance of the technological systems of harvesting and post-harvest processing harvest for stochastic agro-meteorological conditions.

Developed software that enables engineering and analytical support for the effective functioning and development of technological systems harvesting and post-harvest processing of crops of early grain crops.

The results of the work implemented in practice DP «Rekom» PE «Rekom» Lviv region, Agrofirm «Kamaz-Agro» in Rivne region, Farm «Agro-Invest» in Khmelnytskyi region, Farm «Promin-k» in Chernihiv region, as well in the educational process of Lviv NAU.

The rational use of machines for harvesting and post-harvest processing of crops early grain crops, which are justified with use of developed methods and software will reduce the total cost of funds for the implementation of the relevant technological processes to 20%. In General for Ukraine, taking into account the average value cost of harvest of early grain crops, areas, their planting and average yields, the magnitude the expected economic effect will amount to about UAH 1.8 bn uh/year.

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