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Providing sustainability and development modern economic systems

Work number - M 0 FILED

Presented by:        Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University

Author:                 Kozlovskyi Serhii

Objective:development of theoretical and methodological bases for managing the development of the modern economic system of Ukraine at the structural (micro), regional (meso-) and national (macro) levels, which is based on the strategic economic potential and durability of these systems.

The author, based on theoretical studies and experiments, has defined: the concepts of management of modern economic systems and factors of their development, which reveals the principles of their management.

Scientific bases are created:management of the development of modern economic systems of all levels by creating a center for strategic development, the main task of which is the development and implementation of effective economic policies that will reduce the conflicts of interests of economic systems at the level of regions, industries, enterprises and various institutions of power.

Basic conceptual foundations are formed: that theoretical studies of economic systems should go towards the development of mathematical models that formalize the functional behavior of economic systems and enable the development of universal organizational models of management in the structure of economic systems.

Proposed:the interpretation of the concept of "economic stability of the system", which made it possible to elucidate stability from the standpoint of both positive and negative impacts on the economic system, as well as the possible reaction of the system either in support of these influences or on their neutralization; The interpretation of the concept of "management of economic stability of the system" was proposed, which enabled to consider modern economic systems from the point of view of systemic and controllable ones.

Implemented:model of stability management of the macroeconomic system of Ukraine on the basis of the theory of fuzzy logic and the method of optimization - the genetic algorithm. The dynamics of changes in the stability of the macroeconomic system of Ukraine for changes in the factors of influence were revealed and a decision support system was developed to ensure the stability of the macroeconomic system of Ukraine. Applied economic and mathematical models are developed that confirm the effectiveness of the application of methods of fuzzy logic and economics.

Comparison with the world's analogues: the use of fuzzy logic theory methods for managing and modeling the modern economic system of Ukraine has no analogues in the world.

Implemented: the research results are implemented in the activities of central and regional authorities of Ukraine.

Economic effect of implementation: using the created decision support system helped to identify the problem factors that hinder the sustainable economic development of Ukraine's macroeconomics.

Number of publications:72, incl. 7 monographs, 62 articles (2 works in publications EU, 5 works in Scopus database). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 5, h-index = 1; according to Google's Scholar database, the total number of links is 1015, h-index = 13, at work = 10. Novelty and competitive ability of technical solutions are protected by 3 patents. Thereare4 candidatedissertationsonthissubject.