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Prognosis anthropogenic gas deposits and development of methods for estimating densities of accumulated resources methane on coal mines in Ukraine


Author: Prykhodchenko O.V.


This paper is devoted to definition ofgeological and mining conditions affecting the redistribution of methane withinundermining coal-rock massif and establishing patterns of accumulation of anthropogenic methane resources depending on the geological structure of the coal-bearing strata and changes in the coal metamorphism intensity and catagenesis of enclosing rocks. Based on research, it was established that the Donetsk-Makeevsk region was characterized by an increase the density of accumulated anthropogenic methane resources within undermining coal massif in the direction from the south-west to the north-east. It was proved that the main factor of increase the density of accumulated anthropogenic methane resources in sandstones in the north – east direction was an increase the depth of the coal-bearing strata; for coal grist – increase in their number and capacity in this direction. An increase the density of accumulated technological resources of methane in undermining coal grist with the increase of coal metamorphism intensity from “G” coal rank up to “PS” was determined. Reducing the density of methane natural resources and increase the density of accumulated anthropogenic resources with increasing of coal metamorphism intensity had been found.


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