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Political-criminological theory of counteracting criminality

Work number - M 61 FILED

Оrlov Yu.V.


 The monograph is presented for the first time


The objective of the research is elaboration a completed political-criminological theory of counteracting criminality as a system of knowledge on essence, expressions and determinants of criminogenity of politics, counteracting political crime and political criminogenic factors as well as courses and forms of application of means of political administration for achieving criminal-preventive objectives.

The work solves an important scientific issueon creating a complex political-criminological theory of counteracting criminality, provisions of which form unanimity of the concept of decrease of criminogenity of politics with simultaneous revelation of its anti-criminogenic potential.

The monographworks out scientific bases and methodology of research of the issues of counteracting replication of political crime and political criminogenic factors.

The monographintroduces general theoretical characteristic of criminogenity of politics.

The monograph forms a concept of political crime, which enables to define its notion, definition of its social-legal nature, elaborates classification of political crimes. It provides characteristics of domestic and international dimensions of their evaluations. It researches phenomenon of political crime.

The monograph defines essential features and elaborates criminological notions of political persecution, repressions and terror. It provides typological characteristic of personality of political offender. It reveals, describes and explains patterns of determination of political crime. It ascertains and characterizes interdependence of the processes of replication of political crime and generation of political factors of common criminality.

The monograph defines the system of basic destructive means for a complex of causes and conditions of political crime. On the basis of complex legal-dogmatic analysis of concept of the right of people to uprising and besides massive movement of social opposition in 2013–2014 in Ukraine (Revolution of Dignity) the work introduces the category of «political-criminal technology of massive opposition»into scientific parlance. It provides characteristic and defines criteria for delimitation of political crimes, aimed at overthrowing constitutional order, seizure of state power.

The monograph elaborates the strategy of neutralization of political factors of crime, as well the system of counteracting political crime. It defines model bases of institutional integration of politics and crime counteraction. For the first time the doctrine of political anti-criminalism as a component of criminological politics of Ukraine was introduced and characterized.

The worldwide level of monograph is indicated by proposed recommendation for enhancing international-legal mechanismsof humanitarian intervention, as well as response to international crimes of aggression.

Scientific results of the work are presentedin 1 monograph, 57 articles, 6 of which are published in foreign periodicals.

The total number of publicationsis 147, h-index in Google Scholardatabase is 3.