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Phototuning of lasing frequency in the laser on cholesteric liquid crystal

Work number - M 44 AWARDED

Author: Mykytiuk T.V.


Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The purpose of the work is study of influence of the processes of phototransformation of molecules of liquid crystals under the action of light on the lasing spectra of cholesteric liquid crystals (CLCs).

Scientific novelty: It was obtained a reversible phototuning of the frequency of laser generation in CLCsdue to the presence of trans- and cis-isomers with differentiated absorption bands in it; the conditions of alignment of lasing tuning ranges in the opposite directions have been studied; the effect of transferring of excitation energy from dye to liquid crystal has been reduced and the low threshold of laser generation in the CLCs due to the use of nanosecond pump pulses in combination with a low concentration of high-sensitivity azo-dopant has been obtained.

The main practical achievement is the development of a method for rapid phototuning of the lasing frequency of CLCs. This method has no analogues in the world and currently is the only way for controlled and rapid frequency control in such a laser. The phototuning time has been reduced by three orders of magnitude compared with the known CLCs materials and the record speed of phototuning (7 nm / ms) was obtained.This frequency control of the CLCs laser can be used for frequency modulation of CLCs radiation in optoelectronic devices.

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