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Perspective integrated navigation of unmanned aviation systems

Work number - M 43 AWARDED

Work is presented by National aviation university, 03680, Kyiv, Av. Kosmonavta Komarova, 1.

Authors: Mukhina M.P., Ilnytska S.I.

Science methodological principles of perspective integrated navigation of unmanned aviation systems are created.

Work objectivesare development of theoretical and practical fundamentals of perspective integrated navigation in expense of increasing the efficiency of strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) and implementation of its correction from correlation-extreme navigation system (CENS).

On the basis of theoretical researches and experiments the fundamental possibility of effective navigation data fusion from CENS is determined as alternative to satellite systems. Scientific fundamentals of CENS class selection are created in a structure of integrated navigation complex and the method of creation of unified cartographic template is developed that allows increasing  the accuracy  of navigation solution and minimizing the  calculation expenses in real-time modes.

Base conceptual principles of methods of optimal estimation of navigation parameters state vector for integrated navigation complex are formed, which unlike existing ones are based on marginalization into nonlinear part (CENS) with the use of algorithms of particle filtration and linearized part (SINS) with extended Kalman filter. The methods of calibration of SINS sensors are modified, which differ from known by the simplified models of measurement sensors, by using the QR-factorization for increasing the accuracy of calculation, the calculation of measuring misclosure for the estimation of adequacy of calibration; additionally for angular speed sensors the analysis of error stationarity zero drift is proposed.

Experimental sample of integrated navigation system of UAS is realized, that allows researching methods of complex data fusion by real data. According to developed method the efficiency of integrated navigation system is done and its comparison with foreign analogue determines that its integral efficiency of the offered experimental sample is 2,1719 times higher. Economic effect is confirmed by implementation at state enterprises "Kyivprylad" of  State space agency of Ukraine, "Antonov", "Orizon-navigation", and also in educational and scientific process of National aviation university.

Publications: 75 printed works, including 1 textbook (with a stamp of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine), 30 articles (5 - in foreign journals). According to Scopus database common amount of references by authors publications, presented here, is  9, h-index (by work) = 2 (Author ID : 36914441900, Author ID : 56029964200); according to Google Shcolar database the number of author references is 18, h-index(by work) = 5. A novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 8 paten