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Optimization of blast-furnace slag regime based on the developed new criteria and methods of modern commodity operating conditions of blast furnaces Ukraine

Work number - M 19 AWARDED

Authors StepanenkoD. A.

Presentedby the Institute of Steel and iron Nekrasov NAS of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk.

Objective is to developcriteria and methodology for assessing the phase composition of blast furnace slag melts to select rational slag regime and their use in the blast furnace avsistemah providing the required quality of pig iron and cut energy costs in particular raw materials and processing conditions of the blast furnace.

In this paper we developed:assessment methodology melt crystallization ability of blast furnace slag; evaluation criterion heterogenization melt furnace slag; model for calculating the conductivity of molten blast-furnace slag, and algorithmic calculation software normative mineralogical composition of blast furnace slag; equations for calculating properties of molten blast furnace slag with carbon impurities.

Scientific novelty of this workis the first time the technique evaluation melt crystallization ability of blast furnace slag, first established maximum permissible content of the slag mineral larnite (Ca2SiO4); first developed evaluation criteria heterogenization slag melts, the first time from the standpoint of the mineralogical composition of blast furnace slag expedience accounting relationship Al2O3 / MgO in their chemical composition with a choice of main (CaO/SiO2).

Practical significance of the results are:recommendations on the choice of blast furnace slag basicity (CaO/SiO2) to establish the dependence  = f (CaO/SiO2)and CaO/SiO2 = f (Al2O3/MgO); method of blast furnace ( Ukraine for invention patent number 98066 from 10.04.2012) and algorithmic calculation software standard mineralogical composition of blast furnace slag and evaluation phase of their melts ( acts on the use of performance ); ranges specified limits criteria slag stabilization regime automated system " slag " for the conditions of the blast furnace number 9 PJSC "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog ", which increases the amount of iron required quality issues and reduce energy costs in the current raw material and technological conditions of the blast furnace.

Total number of publicationsin which the displayed results of 24 publications, including thesis and dissertation for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, including 1 monograph, 16 publications in scientific journals (including 6 foreign journals), 4 theses reports. 1 obtained a patent for the invention of Ukraine.