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Numerical Modeling of Electrometry in Wells

Work number - M 37 AWARDED

Author: Myrontsov M.L.

         Presented by the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

         Proposed new methods for solving the direct (1) and the inverse (2) logging problems. Applied physical principles of downhole measurements never used in Geophysics before. These methods and principles allowed to successfully develop and manufacture the electrometrical hardware-methodical complexes currently being in the serial production by several Ukrainian commercial companies.

         The obtained fundamental results were used for creating efficient methods that solve the direct and the inverse logging problems.

         The priority outcome of the current Scientific Work was the development and the mass production of the corresponding modern equipment and its methodological support (algorithms and processing software) for the logging measurements that have no analogues in Ukraine and can compete with the best world analogues.

         Proposed and implemented entirely new geophysical ideas for creating logging equipment and interpretation of the data.

         The author created the new formulations for the alternative problems in the quantitative interpretation of the data logging (spatial definition of geologic formations with useful fluids such as oil, gas, etc). The author was also directly involved in the design and the tuning of the equipment being in the serial production with different physical principles of measurement in terms of geophysics.

         The results of the current Scientific Work contributed to several areas such fundamental science, reducing the economic dependence of Ukraine on importing oil and gas, increasing the effectiveness of the logging and improving the competitiveness of Ukrainian geophysical instrumentation.

         This Scientific Work provided solutions to major scientific and technical problems in the development and implementation of mass production of electrometry well equipment for geophysical oil and gas surveys. Also, it offered algorithms for modelling of electrometry in wells and software for processing and quantitative interpretation of the data.

         Developed scientific principles and methodology for electric and induction types of logging.

Designed and implemented the mass production of electrometrical hardware-methodical complexes in wells.

         The developed electrometrical hardware-methodical complexes are being supplied to countries such Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, which proves the world level class of these solutions.

         The expected economic effects of the introduction of these solutions are:

- reducing the cost of logging

- increasing the life cycle of the equipment

- more precise detecting of productive oil- and gas-bearing reservoirs

- determining the flow rate of the reservoirs by using the electrometry data interpretation software.

         The Scientific Work consists of a monograph published in 2012.

         The Scientific Results of the presented work were reflected in the above-mentioned monograph and more than _25_ articles in various scientific publications. The proposed technical solutions were protected by _six_ patents. According to the Scopus database the total citation index (h-index) exceeds _five_. The Works of the Author were cited by more than _six_ Science and Applied Science journals (the given number is the number of journals, not the number of citations).

(1) Modelling of the research and the development processes in manufacturing of the logging equipment used for searching and extraction of oil and gas.

(2) The quantitative interpretation of the logging data measurements.