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Novel energy-saving technologies in the production of manganese ferroalloys in electric furnaces

Work number - P 2 AWARDED


KutsinV.S., OlshanskyV.І., FіlippovІ.YU., DedovYU.B., GladkihV.A., Gasik M.M., Kamkina L.V., Zubov V.L., Mihaliov A.I., Petrov YU.L.

Representedby the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The work has solved an important scientific- technical problem production of competitive high-manganese ferroalloy electric furnaces through the development and implementation of innovative technologies that enhance the efficiency of manganese extraction of raw materials, reduce the consumption of natural gas and electricity unit spendings with the solution of environmental problems.


The scientific basesof complex physical, chemical and electro-technological processes(occurring in the redox conditions in the preparation of manganese sinter and ferroalloys) are developed. Synthesis of theoretical propositions, mathematical modeling of thermodynamics and the creation of complex innovative technologies and equipment, large tonnage of manganese alloys in high-electric furnaces are based.

Developed and implementedinnovative technology agglomeration manganese concentrates using a byproduct of smelting manganese ferroalloys - ferrogaza instead of natural gas, manganese secondary materials, anthracite instead of the coke fines; production technology for high-quality sinter magnesia sustainable technological ferronickel smelting slags; Ferroussiliconmanganese tonnage production technology involving manganese sinter magnesia; rational power modes superpower ferroalloy furnaces under zone pricing of electricity for reducing specific energy consumption, improve performance and stable work electric Söderberg electrodes; dumping slag separation technology using an electronic sensor and advanced products for the treatment of information flows with extraction Metalconcentrate and its use in the production of ferrosilicon manganese, with a dry cleaning dust suction air-gas emissions from the production of ferroalloys by introducing aspiration stations to reduce the unit costs of raw materials and electricity.If to talk about global level, which is based on the feedback of consumers and on functioning at PJSC Nikopol Ferroalloy Plan 2002 which has certified quality management system by the meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and DSTU ISO 9001-2001. Systems certified company "Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine" and SE "Dneprostandartmetrologiya."

Economic effect of implementing development work in a PAT for the period 2003-2013 PJSC NFP years is more than 2.5 billion USD, including in 2013 - 334.6 million UAH.