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The modern technology in construction


MeneylyukО.I., DorofyeyevV.S., Lukashenko L.E.,OliinykN.V., MoskalenkoV.I., PetrovskiyA.F.

Textbook of newgeneration «Modern construction in technologies" is the basis of innovative educational complex "Modern construction in technologies." Besides the textbook, the complex includes 4 teaching guides stamped Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine (MESU)   and 10 guidelines.

Traditional typographic version (440 color illustrations) has 4 electronic applications: electronic textbook form, electronic reference lecture notes in a slideshow - for independent work of students (443 slides), electronic (multimedia) presentation for teachers with editing capability, as well as video application of animations and video clips of new technologies (51 pieces).

In addition to innovative forms (4 electronic applications), it differs from number of and by the content. The first difference is that focuses on innovation, rather than traditional methods. Second - Art interactive method of studying the discipline. It is rooted in the media application to the textbook. Its use in Ukraine and 13 other countries have shown high efficiency of this technique. Compared with traditional it allows 3-5 times increase the amount of information during the lecture, greatly facilitate the process of students' independent work, the degree of assimilation of information and make it more intelligible and understandable.

Teaching methodology developed by the author can be used in the study of other disciplines.

The first edition of the textbook volume of 533 pages was published in 2009. In 2010-2011, there was a second and third revised and enlarged edition of the textbook. Total circulation is three thousand copies.

Textbook presented at the 6-minute national and international exhibitions and competitions. Textbook, methodical complex, the basis of which he is the author's technique and training with it received 4 gold medals and 10 diplomas and letter of commendations.


Result of participation in exhibitions and competitions became widespread public discussion of the textbook, which was attended by leading experts of specialized universities, specialized research and design institutes of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Moldova. A total of 17 positive comments from Ukraine and 13 from other countries were received. Public discussions were held and on the Internet, in which 58 respondents have left their positive comments.