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The method of resonance properties of soil complex assessment for seismic microzoning

Work number - M 32 FILED

Author: Semenova Yu.V.

Presented byInstitute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The purpose of the work is the scientific substantiation, development and implementation of an improved method for determining the resonant properties of soil strata, taking into account their nonlinear properties for the seismic microzoning of the construction sites of Ukraine.

The work is devoted to improving the methodology for determining of the resonance properties of soils, taking into account their nonlinear behavior while seismic effects of varying intensity. Improved method of constructing of the frequency characteristics of ground is necessary to bring the methods of seismic microzoning of areas of buildings and industrial structures placement in seismic regions of Ukraine for the regulatory requirements of "Eurocode-8". The improved methodology of calculating the frequency characteristics of the soil is based on forming computational models of soil strata using their empirical deformation characteristics and application of mathematical equivalent linear and nonlinear modeling of soil response to seismic effects. In constructing seismic calculation models used strain-dependent shear modulus and damping ratio from the author’s database which comprises the deformation properties of different soil types typical for sites located in the Ukraine.

Implementation of developments. The improved method for determining the resonance properties of soils has been implemented in the determination of seismic hazard of sites of such objects as NSK "Olympic", pipeline pumping station "Kremenchug - Ananiev - Bohorodchany", waterworks of Kremenchug HPP, a number of high-rise buildings in Kiev, Odessa region and others.

The research results are presented in 32 publications, including 16 scientific articles and 16 theses at international conferences. The general publications citation index is 9 (according to Google Scholarsdatabase), h-index = 2.