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Measurement of social changes in ukrainian society. sociological monitoring (1992-2013)

Work number - P 10 AWARDED


VoronaV.M., Golovakha Y.I., Panina N.V., Shulga M.O., Zlobina O.H., Kostenko N.V., Makeyev S.O., Churylov M.M., Sayenko Y.I., VyshniakO.I.


Presented by the Institute of Sociology, NAS of Ukraine


The authors have elaborated a system of indicators which makes it possible to trace both general tendencies of changes which take place in the Ukrainian society and peculiarities of social processes in different spheres of life of people and society. The elaboration was introduced in the annual sociological monitoring (1992–2013).

Side by side with direct indicators the authors have included in the system of indicators a number of standardized test methods which permit making a more precise measuring of some parameters of mass consciousness, being of serious importance in the periods of social transformations.

The authors have created and successfully introduced the Integral Index of Social Well-Being (IISWB) based on the scale of social well-being which embraces 44 points concerning various kinds of social wealth, each of them being evaluated by the subject depending on whether the latter has or is short of this wealth.

Besides, they have created and successfully introduced the Index of Destabilization Ability of Protest Potential (IDAPP), which scale includes a list of actions of social protest; an individual indicates only those actions in which he (she) is ready to take part personally. This index permits judging of the stability level of the system of power valid for the time of measuring.

The world level of the Ukrainian outcome is evidenced by the fact that the project similar by scale –European Social Study –was started only ten years later (in 2002).

The investigation results have been stated in 201 publications, including 54 monographs, 141 papers in specialized journals, 6 papers in reviewed journals (including foreign ones). The authors’ works have been cited in more than 157 scientific journals, general citing index of publications is 177 (according to database of SCOPUS), h-index = 5. The above themes served as the basis for defense of 11 theses for the doctor’s degree and 32 theses for candidate’s degree.