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Mathematical and experimental methods for determination and optimization the characteristics of passive mine protection of armored combat vehicles

Work number - M 1 AWARDED

Author:Bisyk S.P.


 Central Research Institute of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The series of the works consists ofmonograph,12scientific articles, 18abstracts and one patent forautility model.

The methods of design, mathematical modeling and analysis of complex technical systems on improving mine resistance of armored combat vehicles by improving the integrated passive mine protection. The series provide enhancing:system requirements for passive mine protection  of got further development in the series of armored combat vehicles and priorities for its improvement;complex mathematical model of explosive loading of armored combat vehicles structure, taking into account the characteristics of its explosive loading, implemented in the software package of finite element analysis;rational justification methodology for action of explosive loading on a protective surface, which allows to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the passive mine protection effectiveness of armored combat vehicles and to design such a system with the predicted probability of crew members injury, on the basis of medical and physiological requirements to the human shock loads endurance;the depends between the main parameters of the protective elements in the design of passive mine protection of armored combat vehicles and their effectiveness;the results of parametric synthesis of the elements of passive mine protection;new technical solutions that increase the armored combat vehicles stability and vitality of there crew to the explosive loading action.

Also, in the series of the works the experimental determination of the parameters of the passive mine protection system. Develop programs and techniques of experimental researches of armored combat vehicles bottom models are developed and field researches are conducted.

The results of the works are relevant to the scientific and technical justification of requirements and evaluation of design solutions for mine stability improvement of current and future armored vehicles designs, including the early stages of design.