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Innovative technologies increase the yield and quality of crop production in a changing climate

Work number - M 44 FILED

Authors: Avramenko S. V., Solonechnyy P. M.

Presented by Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

The series of the advanced studies published in the period of 2005-2013 shows by itself the complex of finish scientific developments from creation and applying in industry of innovativeecologically safe, resources saving technologies of growing and the creation of new varieties of grain crops, that promote and stabilize the productivity and quality of products of plant-grower, save material resources, create pre-conditions for the increase of economic, power, ecological and food security of Ukraine.

Bases of increase and stabilizing of the productivity of basic grain crops are created – winter wheat soft, spring wheat soft, spring wheat hard, winter triticale, spring triticale, winter rye and spring barley by the method of development of NT of growing in the conditions of change of climate for economies with the different level of the resource providing.

First in Ukraine an important scientific task is generalized in theory and decided – plant-breeding-genetic features are set and the variety of variety forms is created as a feedstock for the selection of barley.

Models developed for technologies that reduce the risk of re-sowing winter crops, sown in extremely late terms and to stabilize the production of grain-growing goods in the depressed agricultural regions.

The row of fundamental results is got: the productivity of grain crops rose on the average on 17-38 %, and profitability of production – on 20-35 % by comparison to traditional technologies of growing.

The seriesofthework contains priority directions: organic production of goods of plant-grower; development of fundamentally NT of growing grain-growing after unconventional predecessors.

New approaches offer growing of grain-crops, consisting of receipt of high and stable indexes of the productivity and quality of products on a background limitation of application of material and technical resources.

Authors are doing rising of new unconventional tasks: growing of winter-annual and spring grain crops in the conditions of considerable deviations of weather from middle long-term indexes.

The results of cycle have a high research and practice value in industry of agriculture and correspond to the modern needs of the scientific providing of agroindustrial production of Ukraine.

The results of researches on the topic of work are expounded in the 172 advanced studies, including a 1 reference book, 1 scientific manual, 1 scientific edition, 119 scientific articles, 30 theses of lectures on scientific conferences, 12 methodical recommendations. 8 patents are got on the useful models of technology.