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Innovative activity of enterprises: stimulation and motivation

Work number - M 72 FILED

Doroshkevych K.O. Voronovska M.M.

In work theproblems of development of theoretical positions are considered and the appliedrecommendations are given in relation to application of stimulus and reasons ofinnovative activity of employeesof enterprises. Determinationof concept «system of stimulus and reasons of innovative activity of workers ofenterprises» is in-process developed, factors which determine stimuli andreasons of innovative activity of workers are investigated.

The method of analysis ofstimulus and reasons of innovative activity of workers of machine-buildingenterprises is first worked out. The sequence of determining size of raise isimproved for implementation of especially important work on a certain term;system of bonuses after generalized grade. The tool of analysis of stimuli andreasons, simulation model of forming of stimuli and reasons of innovativeactivity of employeesof enterprises, is developed.

Keywords: innovative activity, innovative processes,reasons, system of stimulus and reasons, bonuses.