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Information technology for modeling development processes of tourist and information communication systems based on physical analogies

Work number - M 67 AWARDED

Ivanuschak N.M., Artemenko O.I., Gats B.M, Uhryn D.I. 

applied by Chernivtsi National University named after Y. Fedkovych for obtainingthe annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

At this paper a complex of information technologies for simulation based on physical analogies of tourism industry objects, information and communication infrastructure and processes of formation and development both the individual tourist facilities, and integrated tourist complexes at the regional and local levels have been developed. The complex consists of three components: a set of information technology simulation and prediction of spatial development of tourism industry infrastructure facilities, recreational attractiveness assessment, methods and tools for modeling the structure and study of changes in parameters of computer networks, software and algorithmic system of the development and operation of tourism field data spaces.

The scientific significance of the work lies in the development of tools for modeling objects and complex of tourism infrastructure, information and communication systems based on physical analogies of phenomena and processes. In particular, this is the analogy of crystal growth processes using mathematical tools of cellular automata, and simulation and prediction of spatial forms of tourism infrastructure of settlements development processes are based on fractal theory and analogy of diffusion processes.

Direct foreign counterparts of the developed complex does not exists. The results of foreign studies are presented only in the form of separate components that are able to solve specific problems, without prejudice to the complex needs of a complete set of the tourism industry. The information about software products of similar functionality can’t be found both in Ukraine and abroad.

Developed information technology have been successfully tested at international and national conferences. According to the results of the investigation papers were published in leading scientific journals. The results are introduced in a number of IT companies, travel agencies, organizations, government agencies and educational process in different Ukrainian universities.

The practical use of scientific results and the proposed approach is an important part of the implementation of the Concept of the State Target Program of Tourism and Resorts for the period up to 2022, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 1, 2013 № 638-p.

According to the theme of the investigation authors published 125scientific works, including 62 papers in professional journals and 63abstracts in international and Ukrainian conferences.