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Information technologies for assessment of anthropogenic impact to limnological systems of Ukraine

Work number - M 12 AWARDED

Presented by theInstituteofTelecommunicationsandGlobalInformationSpace, National Academy of Sciencesof Ukraine.


Radchuk I.V., Okhariv V.O. Zagorodnya S.A.             


Authors propose approaches to ecological assessment of limnological ecosystems state, which based on such information technologies as remote sensing and ontology method for limnological system passport creating.

A combination of contact monitoring methods and remote sensing technologies of limnological ecosystems is proposed to determine the specificity and intensity of anthropogenic impact on lakes and coastal areas. Thus, the main factors of the anthropogenic load for a number of limnological ecosystems in Western Polissya region, which located on the territories of the nature reserve fund, including Svitiaz and Nobel lakes, the tendency towards the intensification of eutrophication processes in water areas is established.

Technologies for lakes water regime dynamics monitoring have improved by building of bathymetric maps of the lakes, based on hydroacoustic measurements and space image interpretation results. Cartographic models of the underwater relief for the lakes in Western Polissya region and the national nature park “Synevyr” were realized in geographic information systems.

Lakepassport information model was created based on the ontology method using. Rules for user interface constructing were defined.

Results of this research are using in the processes of territorial environmental management. It confirmed by the implementation acts, including a number of natural reserves and national natural parks of Ukraine.

The main results of this work are presented in 30 published works, including 1 monograph, 7 articles in specialized scientific journals of Ukraine, 4 articles in a foreign specialized scientific journals, 16 – in collections of scientific papers  of international scientific and practical conference in Ukraine and 2 – abroad, according Google Scholar database, h-index is 2. Totally, authors published 52 scientific papers.