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Increasing the Level of Environmental Safety of Heat-and-cool-supplying of Buildings through Sustainable Use of Alternative and Traditional Sources.

Work number - M 81 FILED

Voskoboynikova N. O.

Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University

Scientific work is devoted to the study of environmental safety of heat-and-cool-supply systems of buildings, the development of scientific methods of complex assessment of environmental impact and creating the mechanism for increasing environmental safety through sustainable use of alternative and traditional energy sources. The aim of research is to increase the level of environmental safety of heat-and-cool-supplying of buildings through the redistribution of energy between alternative and traditional sources.

Scientific innovations:

–       inthefirsttimetheindicatorsofenvironmentalsafetyheat-and-cool-supplysystems, whicharesensitivetoenergyflowsbetweenrenewableandtraditionalsourcesandallowtomakethecomparativeassessmentofheat-and-cool-supplysystems;

–       themethodofcomplexevaluatingtheecologicalsafetyofthesesystemsbasedontheindexandexpressedthroughgroundedindicators considering versatile environmental impact aspects and intensity of different types of technogenic influence on a human was developed;

–       the mathematical model of energy redistribution in heat-and-cool-supply systems between renewable and traditional energy, which can optimize the parameters of heat-and-cool-supply systems with the environmental safety index by sustainable use of different alternative sources with a maximum level of substitution of traditional resourcesby renewables, were improved.

The algorithm of increasing the ecological safety of heat-and-cool-supplying was created. It is based on redistribution of wind and solar energy between hot-water-supplying, heating, cooling and water treatment with a maximum level of substitution of traditional resourcesby renewables. The ecological safety indices for different types of systems in climatic conditions of Southern region were simulated mathematically. The optimization task of heat-and-cool-supplying on the example of particular residential building was solved. The opportunity of improving the ecological safety of existing in Mykolaiv region systems by equipping them with wind and solar plants was assessed.

The quantity of scientific works, publicized on the results of research, is 28, reference index is 1.