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Increasing efficiency of monorail operation while preparing coal for second mining

Work number - M 79 FILED

theauthor RastsvetaevV.A.

StateHigherEducationalEstablishment“NationalMiningUniversity” ofMinistryofScienceandEducationofUkraine, c. Dnepropetrovsk.

Theaimofthepaperistoimprovetheinteractionpatternof monorailwitharchsupportofthesectiontransportworkingstoincreasetheircarrying capacity and stability.


1. Model of the factor analysis which enables to determine factors that considerably influence on the rates of driving section workings while preparing reserves for second mining  and on their basis to determine potential sources of increasing the rates of preparing coal reserves in conditions of intensification of mining operations has been developed for the first time for mining industry.

2. It was first determined that performing assembling and disassembling operations while preparing new extraction pillars with the help of the overhead monorails to transport large-sized sections of powered roof support, the values of additional vertical deformations of lock-on joints of bearing arches where monorail column is fixed, are in the range of 50…150 mm under the influence of movable railway vehicle. It is 35% more than the values of deformations of ordinary arch supports where monorail is not fixed.

3. It was first determined analytical dependences which describe the interrelationship between parameters of yielding elements of arch support (Hʹ) and cargo weight (mʹ) that is transported by a single “car” of overhead monorail with various rate of the speed.

4. Parameters of organizing assembling and disassembling operations which can enable to reduce timeline of preparing extraction pillars to the second mining by the means of coordinating time losses of reassembling sections of power roof support are scientifically grounded.

Practical value of this paper is to develop scientifically grounded methods of optimal parameters of energy saving transport and technological system of continuous driving  of section workings while preparing coal reserves using complex of transport equipment of the new generation that is adapted to the complicated mining and geological conditions.

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