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Improvement of surgical treatment of colon cancer by applying a multimodal enhanced recovery program


Authors: A.P. Beznosenko,A.A. Burlaka, D.E. Mahmudov

Name of institution: National cancer institute

Aim of study: to improve short-term outcomes and life quality ofpatients, that underwent curative surgery for colon cancer, by applying a pathogenetically determined program of enhanced recovery after surgery.

Scientific novelty: program impact on postoperative adverse events rate, terms of recovery, life quality and economic benefit are studied. For the first time a cumulative part of subsequent risk factors, ment to be reduced by the program are assessed. An integral overall risk of developing adverse events and it’s relation with the program was evaluated by means of a statistical model. For the first time a mathematical model for calculating economic benefits of the program is introduced.   

Practical implication: overall postoperative complications rate in patients, who underwent treatment with an enhanced recovery program was 8,7%, postoperative mortality – 0,9%; mean rehabilitation period was (6,3±3,4) days; the economic effectiveness was 54.5%.

Scientific results of this study are represented in 14 published papers, among them – one guideline, handbook, information letter and in four full-text articles. Competitive ability of presented technical solutions is claimed by one patent. Authors citation index (h-score) is 5.

Total amount of authors published papers – 90.