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Improvement of cooperation mechanisms of government bodies in the process of realization the administrative functions

Work number - M 105 FILED


Soroka S.V.

Presented by Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The purpose of the series of the workis scientific substantiation of the theoretical and methodological bases, comprehensive study and development of practical recommendations on improvement of interaction mechanisms between government bodies in the process of implementation the public administration functions in Ukraine.

Created a basis for further study and improvement of interaction mechanisms between government bodies taking into account the experience of foreign countries, which has been critically analyzed in the study.

Main results: the role and value of interaction mechanisms between government bodies to ensure stable functioning of the system of public administration identified; a structural-functional model of effective interaction of the supreme bodies of state power in the process of realization of administrative functions developed; improved the methodological approaches to the estimation of efficiency the interaction of the Government and Parliament and the theoretical and methodological framework for the control and parliamentary control of the government as one of its components; elaborated the conceptual foundations of parliamentary responsibility of the government; optimized practical approaches to formation of effective models of interaction between the Government and the Parliament in the legislative process; proposed new practical approaches to the application of the institute of delegated legislation; further development of practical aspects of the application the mechanism of parliamentary requests to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The author implemented the staging and decision the new non-traditional tasks in the process of creation of structural-functional model of the interaction the government bodies in Ukraine.

Cycle results are irrelevant for the science of public administration and are fully prepared for the further practical implementation in the activities of government bodies, in particular in Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Presidential Administration.

A cycle of scientific works consists of 1 monograph, 21 scientific articles, 5 articles in foreign journals, 12 heads of report and 3 textbooks approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine published during 2008-2012.

Total number of author’s publications are 63 researches and workbooks.