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The history of ukrainian philosophy XV‒XVIII centuries.

Work number - P 40 FILED

1. Renaissance humanism ит  Опис роботи:in Ukraine (XV‒XVII centuries). 2. Investigation of the philosophical heritage of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (XVII-XVIII centuries).

Presented: G.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Author: Lуtvуnov Vоlоdуmуr Dmуtrоvуch.

The aim of the work isto search and introduce into the scientific circle a large array of foreign and domestic (mostly manuscripts or rarities;) Latin-language primary sources, as well as comprehension and justification of their scientific and practical significance for the history of Ukrainian philosophy of the 15th-18th centuries;

The author, on the basis of scientific and theoretical research, has proved that Ukrainian historical and philosophical science developed in the context of Western Europe in the specified period of time, but had its own national features and specifics;

Scientific foundations have been created for the search and introducе into scientific circulation of a large array of Latin-speaking primary sources, including manuscripts. In order to encourage their perception, the contender published a textbook of the Latin language (Vishcha Shkola, 1990) and a large Latin-Ukrainian Dictionary (International Foundation Vidrodzhennya, 1998) 709 pages;

The basic conceptual basesof the strategy and the direction of development of Ukrainian philosophy have been formed from the practical study of the source base to the theory of comprehension;

It is proposedto draw up concrete plans for the translation into Ukrainian of the handwritten Latin-speaking heritage of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and foreign rarities;

Implementedon the theme "THE CYCLE OF WORKSON THE HISTORY OF UKRAINIAN PHILOSOPHY of the XV-XVIII centuries" by publishing more than 10 individual monographic publications (one of them in English). The total number of publications on the topic of the work is more than 50;

Comparison with the world analogs‒ a similar problem is identified, which has its own specifics in the specific socio-political conditions of Ukraine;

Introduced into the uiversity programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to study the history of Ukrainian philosophy;


Number of publications: more than 50, (including 6 monographs, 1 monograph in co-authorship, 3 monographic publications, 36 articles in fundamental and periodicals. On this subject, 1 doctoral and 1 candidate's theses are defended.