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“History of the Ukrainian culture in five volumes, nine books”

Work number - P 45 AWARDED

Authors: BessonovaS.S., JakovlevaL.A., AlexandrovychV.S., Vojtovych L.V., DziubaO.M., SasP.M., SkrypnykA.A., RubanV.V., Zhulynsky M.H., BondarM.P.


Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Scientific noveltylies in the fact that for the first time in the national historiography and cultural studies, there has beenpresentedan extensive panorama of cultural processes in Ukraine grounded on the primary sources – historical, scientific and educational, linguistic and literary, ethno-cultural and artistic in terms of interaction between spiritual and material components of national culture (including the European context),and the mechanisms of their functioning have been exposed.

Scientific and practicalsignificanceofthe results of the research is called forth by the fact that due to the latestresearch methods there has been elaborated and conceptually a new version of understanding the Ukraine national culture since its earliest origins up to the most recent manifestation in the early XXI century. Owing to comprehension and interpretation of a considerable piles/of empiricism data, there has been formed a new scope of knowledge which represents the Ukrainian culture, sphere of science and education, as well as a factor of national identification of the Ukrainians.