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Historical culture-creating context of modern cultural innovations

Work number - M 2 AWARDED

Author: Tuzov V.А.

In research the bases for justification of modern theoretical innovations as acquisition of  Ukrainian humanistic concerning the analysis  and an assessment of cultural processes in Ukraine XIX – XX centuries are created.

The offered scientific work contains priority results which are for the first time the cultural processes in Ukraine of XIX - ХХare considered as a basisof the theoretical innovations proved in researches of scientiststhroughout 1990-2010. It is shown, that thanks to theoretical innovations in Ukrainian humanistic the modern complete model of cultural processes of a certain historical period is formed.

Detailed research of the whole layer of the little-known art phenomena, in particular – fiction, the fine arts, the facts of life and creativity of several generations of the Ukrainian artists, and also other artifacts which actually were closed for scientists until recently is carried out.

New approaches in which those theoretical and source studyprinciples which reproduce extent of development of a studied problem are outlined are provided. In the process of formation of source studybase of work comparative approach that gaveopportunity to open specifics of different interpretation concerning an assessment of the same phenomenon in theoretical literature duringlast and present century is introduced.

The author carried out statement of new nonconventional tasks thanks to which primary sources of theoretical researchesof XIX – XX centuries and also a system studying of works of art and specifics of art activity of representatives of different art groups are worked.

Materials of scientific work have practical value and can be used in educational and teaching activity, in particular, by preparation of courses and special courses of the theory and practice of art culture  XIX – XX centuries.

Results of research will assist the subsequent development of culture science thanks to a combination of different tendencies in judgment of a certain historical period and systematization of theoretical investigations of modern scientists.