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High-efficiency complexes of technical equipments are for growing of grain and other crops

Work number - P 18 AWARDED

Authors: Adamchuk V.V., Nasonov V.A., AntonetsS.S., Bulgakov V.M., Kyurchev V.M., Kalapa S.G., Ponomar U.V., Gavrylenko P.M.



The purpose of this paper is to create on the grounds of new scientific knowledge and implementation in the agricultural production of highly effective complexes technical facilities for growing grain and other crops for energy, resource saving technologies.

             On the results of workobtained new regularities dynamics of movement machine-tractor aggregates formed by using the same operating machines based on the combined aggregation, the dynamics of movement's multi aggregates for cultivation and multifunctional aggregates to perform operations soil cultivation, fertilizing and seeding grain and other crops. A new theory of the interaction of working bodies of technical means for agrochemical service with technological materials and their distribution on the area of the field has been developed; a fundamentally new methodology for the formation of approaches to substantiation of the rational uniformity of seed sowing, taking into account the zones of nutrition of plants, and also the theory of pneumatic seed distribution in wide-reaching sowing complexes and the process of oscillating movement of the coulter in the soil environment.
             Scientific and practical significance of the work consists in the development of the necessary of preconditions for creating competitive complexes of technical means. This enabled us to master the production of new machines for growing grain and other crops for energy, resource-saving technologies at 6 factories of domestic agricultural machinery, with a total volume of more than 28 thousand. In addition, 3 of the above plants, 15-30% of its products are exported abroad, including to EU countries, in particular, which delivered 5527 pieces of equipment. The main of the complexes of technical equipment were demonstrated at international exhibitions in Ukraine and in 12 CIS countries and the EU, the results of which were awarded with "Gold medals" and other rewards.
             In view of that the developed technique is characterized by high technical and exploitation parameters, including: higher productivity almost 1.5 - 2.0 times, reducing of specific energy consumption by no less than 30% its price is lower by 1.5 - 2 3 times than the best world analogues. The introduction of these complexes of technical equipment produced an economic effect of UAH 2477.68 million.
             According to the results of the work, 19 books were published, including 10 monographs,of which 1 monograph abroad, over 200 scientific articles, including 42 abroad, of which 25 articles in the publications included in SCOPUS, as well as 143 patents for inventions, 10 dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of the doctor of technical sciences and 22 dissertationsobtaining the scientific degree of the candidate of technical sciences are protected. 

In general, the results of the work have contributed to the growth of the influence of Ukrainian enterprises of agricultural machinery on the domestic market of machinery for agro-industrial production. This was especially apparent in the segment of soil-cultivating and seeding machinery. Starting in 2013, there is a decrease in the value of purchases of soil and equipment of foreign production, and on the contrary, the volume of procurement of domestic production equipment is increasing, which now amounts to more than 70% for soil cultivation machinery and more than 50% for agricultural machinery.