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Гидродинамика глубоководных платформ для условий Черного моря

Work number - M 58 FILED

Moreva Irina.

3. Name of institution of higher education, research institutions, state-owned enterprise:Sevastopol National Technical University (SevNTU).

4. Summary of work:The work carried out in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 2, 2006 № 1540 on the approval of the «Regulations of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine», «Renewal Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2030», approved June 7, 2012, Kiev.

Is devoted to solving the problem of optimizing the design parameters of deep-sea drilling platforms for the conditions of the Black Sea based on modern methods of numerical flow simulation and experimental studies in experimental pool SevNTU . Relevance of the work is the need for the establishment of technical systems for the development of deepwater hydrocarbon energy(gas hydrates, methane hydrates), huge amounts of which are open Ukrainian geologists in the deep regions of the Black Sea and the oceans.

As a result of the work the first time, data were obtained on three-dimensional unsteady flow field velocity and pressure, which are formed under the influence of extreme sea waves and currents on complex designs for deepwater drilling platforms and other areas of modern marine technology. On this basis, determined by alternating loads on the structures and characteristics of oscillations platforms at different meteorological conditions. Experimental study of the hydrodynamics of physical models deepwater platforms in the experimental pool SevNTU were used to verify and clarify the developed simulation models of such systems.

The results can be used in various international and national projects on the development of energy resources of the economic zone of Ukraine, as well as design and industrial organizations, research institutes and universities in Ukraine, specializing in various areas of marine technology. Results will be used as part of the scientific – educational centers Ecological Instrument and ecology, oceanography and environmental management according to the joint decision of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, decision number 14/1. Decree № 102 of 22.11.2006, Order of the MES from 29.01.07, № 62.

5. Number of publications:1–monograph, 27–articles.