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Flow cavitator of high intensity ultrasonic for liquid environments processing.

Work number - M 85 AWARDED

Authors: Gryshko I.A., Novosad A.A.

It is presented a research work “Flow cavitator of high intensity ultrasonic for liquid environments processing”.

It is solved an important science engineering problem of creation of flow cavitator of high intensity ultrasonic for liquid environments processing in different technological processes with a glance of rheological characteristics of processed liquid, that gives the opportunity to increase efficiency of these processes at the expense of creating  a region of high intensity ultrasonic in the central part of cavitator without contributing to the technological backbone of additional hydraulic resistance, even so ensuring the durability cavitation equipment by creating minimum intensity at radiating surface.

It is developed the scientific bases of calculation and design methodology of flow cavitator of high intensity ultrasonic for liquid environments.

It is proposed the new approachesin solving the actual problem of nonchemical liquid disinfection by adding into cavitating environment an abrasive material, which allowed in 5...6 fold increase in the efficiency of disinfection technological process. Novelty has been confirmed by patents of Ukraine on the method and the useful model.

Practical applicationof developed and investigated cavitation equipment has provided  the efficiency of water disinfection technological processes in open water body , the disintegration of microorganisms, upgrading durability and safety of cutting fluids, which is confirmed by corresponding certificates of implementation provided by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Microbiology and Virology of National Academy of Sciences and JSC "Reducer-PM."

Results of workare important for the light and heavy industry, food industry, agriculture, medicine, and pharmacology.

The world levelof work is determined by the fact that it has been presented in the United Nations headquarters and in the headquarters of the international organization "South-South» (International Organization for South-South Cooperation (IOSSC)) in New York.

The resultsof research on the theme are stated in 14articles, and 12 abstracts. It has been obtained 2 patents of Ukraine for invention and the useful model. The authors works are quoted in 16 scientific journals, h-indexing = 3.

Total number of author’s publicationsis38.