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The fireproof electrical cables of different voltage classes creation

Work number - M 100 AWARDED

Authors: Shcherba M.A., Antonets T.Yu.

Work is put forward by National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Domestic fire-safe cables of world level on the basis of the new concept of raise of their power efficiency and ecological compatibility, as well as methods, mathematical models, designs and technologies of industrial manufacturing and test of such electro-technical products are created and applied in serial production.

The theory of local disturbances of alternatingelectric field and increase of electric and mechanical strengthsin structurally non-uniform micro-volumes of polymeric sheathes of fire-safe cables is developed and methods of stability increase of these sheathes to degradation at critical raise of ambienttemperature are offered.

A mathematical model to analyze the distribution of surface charges on the conductive micro-inclusions, as well as electrical and mechanical stresses in the dielectric sheathes of the cables at higher ambient temperatures and changing current loads is developed.

Manufacturing methods of domestic cable-conductors products for the purpose of burning non-distribution on cable communications, decrease evolve a fume, corrosion-active and unhealthy products of burning and raise of resistance of cables to critical temperatures in enclosed space are improved.

On the basis of author's development for 2011 – 2013 21.6 thousand km domestic import-substituting fire-safe products are made on PJSC Yuzhcable works.

Economic effect from implement the results of work amounted to 37.8 mln. hrn.

Quantity of publications: 39, including the monograph, the guideline publication, 2 methodical publications, 17 articles, 18 reports. The patent is applied