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Expression and molecular interactions between the proteins of the families of intersectins and verprolins involved in metastasis of cancer cells

Work number - M 51 AWARDED

Presented by: Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NAS of Ukraine.


Author: Kropyvko S.V.


The presented series of research papers is devoted to the study of the diversity of protein isoforms and molecular interactions between the families of intersectines (ITSN1 and ITSN2), TKS (TKS4 and TKS5), and verprolins  (WIP and CR16) involved in various cellular functions, including alterations of actin cytoskeleton, endocytosis, metastasis of cancer cells.

As a result there were shown the diversity of alternatively-spliced isoforms of ITSN1, analyzed expression of CR16 and ITSN2 isoforms in samples of human breast and other types of cancer. There were shown protein-protein interactions among intersectin families, TKS and verprolins, which greatly expanded the data on the intracellular network of protein-protein interactions of these families. Functional analysis of a number of protein complexes has deepened the understanding of the metastatic processes development in cancerous tumor.

These results are extremely important for understanding the molecular interactions and networks of gene regulation of cell components involved in the development and diagnosis of invasive human cancers.

New approaches are proposed for diagnosing the future course of breast cancer diseases for a personalized approach to the treatment of this pathology.

The obtained results of the cycle of works are important for medical diagnostics of cancer diseases and their therapy. They can also be useful in finding out the development of other human cancers.

Number of publications: 78, of which 22 articles (5 - in foreign publications). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to author publications presented in the work is 73, h-index (at work) = 5; according to the Google Shcolar database, the total number of links is 120, the h-index (at work) = 6. The total IF is 16.592. On this subject, 1 candidate's thesis is defended.