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Establishment, reconstruction and operation of unique engineering structures: constructions, technologies, solutions

Work number - P 33 FILED

Presented by the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture

 Authors: Shults R.V., Boiko I.P., Voitenko S.P., Haidaichuk V.V., Halinskyi O.М., HryhorovskyiP.Y., SliusarenkoY.S., ShymanovskyiO.V.

The aim of the work is the development of methods, models, techniques and technologies for a comprehensive solution of design, construction, reconstruction and operation of unique engineering structures.

The main scientific results obtained by the authors for a long time and successfully experimentally realized and implemented in the design, construction, reconstruction and operation of unique engineering structures, primarily in the design, construction and reconstruction of the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” are described.

On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies, original methods for studying the load-bearing capacity of existing and new structures are proposed. On the example of interaction between the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” and the main city sewer collector, unique studies have been carried out and a corresponding methodology and mathematical model for the interaction of the foundations of new buildings and structures with existing underground communications has been developed. A mathematical model for calculating strength, stability, and oscillations in the most critical states of a structure was developed and investigated, and its numerical implementation was performed to analyze and identify the effect of various geometric imperfections of structural elements on the overall stress-strain state of the structure.

At the stage of construction of unique engineering structures, a new method for calculating the accuracy of geodetic alignment and control measurements, a mathematical model for taking into account the effect of thermal deformations of building structures in the performance of engineering geodetic work were developed. The obtained models and methods have been tested on the example of works at the construction of metal structures of the NSC “Olimpiyskiy”.

At the stage of reconstruction of unique engineering structures, on the example of NSC Olimpiyskiy developed an innovative technology for restoring existing structures, construction new structures, including using specially designed and manufactured machinery and equipment.

The economic effect of the implementation is approximately 350 million UAH.

Publications: The results of the research are presented in 18 monographs and textbooks. The total number of publications is 135, of which in international collections and journals 17, the total number of references is 297; h-index according to Google Scholar database is 11, patents for invention - 8; The results of the work were used to defend doctoral dissertations (2) and PhD theses (5).