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Energy efficiency electrotechnical complexes with monitoring and control of operating parameters

Work number - M 38 AWARDED

Submitted by Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrogradskyi National University

Authors: Kostenko Anna Viktorivna, Maliakova Mariia Sergiivna,
Melnykov Viacheslav Oleksandrovych, Zaichenko Oleg Anatolievich

The aim is to increase the energy efficiency of electrotechnical complexes by monitoring of technical condition and control of operating parameters.

The authors have developed new and improved existing methods of correction of induction motors (IM) modes with damages in the power of the stator electric circuit, allowing to improve energy performance and to increase the service life of the frequency-controlled electric drive with scalar and vector control.

It was implemented and developed the indirect method of determining the energy characteristics of the IM as a part of AC drives, which allows to assess its performance in terms of parameters asymmetry of the electromechanical transducer without outputting the  IM from the process.

It was developed the separation subsystem, which allows to improve the compensation methods of current non-active components under the nonlinearity of the load. It is realized by the excluding of the harmonic voltage components, caused by distortion of the network, of forming the compensation currents. It allows to increase the efficiency of the power supply systems and to improve the performance of the compensation system.

The estimated economic impact from the implementation of the monitoring system and evaluation of the electric motors service life, which was developed to reduce the number of failures of electric drives, is about 1.5 million UAH.

A mathematical model of a semiconductor current regulator – a rotor type electromagnetic separator – has been developed, which makes it possible to study the static and dynamic modes of operation of the system, as well as a new method of current regulation of magnetic induction in the working area, which has made it possible to build a stable system that is invariant to external and internal disturbances.

A new method of optimal magnetizing windings current and performance control using fuzzy logic with following optimal criteria: minimum power consumption, maximum performance, maximum quality of consumption current for a given output quality and method of fuzzy proportional-integral current control in magnetization windings electromagnetic separator was developed. The appropriate ranges of variation and functional correlations of the parameters of the universal current harmonics filter were determined for various nominal input currents of the system, thanks to which filters were developed that reduce the level of current harmonics consumed by the system from the network.

Number of publications: 65, including 57papers (15 – in foreign journals, 21 – are included in theSCOPUS andWeb of sciencedatabases). According to the databases: Scopus total number of authors citations – 109, h-index (the work) = 7; Web of Science total number of authors citations –9, h-index (the work) = 2; Google Scholar database total number of citations – 153, h-index (the work) = 8. The novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected by 1 patentfor inventionand 7 patents forutility model. 4 candidate's theses were defended on the subject.