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Encyclopedia of history of Ukraine

Work number - P 19 AWARDED

Presented by Institute of History of Ukraine at NAS of Ukraine

Authors: Boriak Hennadii Volodymyrovych, Verstiuk Vladyslav Fedorovych, Vidnianskyy Stepan Vasylyovych, Gurzhiy Oleksandr Ivanovych, Zashkilniak Leonid Opanasovych, Lysenko Oleksandr Yevgenovych, Rublyov Oleksandr Serhiyovych,  Yurkova Oksana Vitaliyivna.

The purpose of the work is to create the universal professional dictionary compendium of social and humanitarian knowledge in history of Ukraine since ancient until present times.

Pursuant to the multipurpose heuristics the authorsfound out, analyzed, systematized, developed and presented the intellectual and informational reference resource – dictionary compendium of social humanitarian knowledge in history of Ukraine in the format of universal professional encyclopedia (in hard copy).

The scientific basics for intellectual and information and reference resource of EHU were created.

The basic conceptual principles for universal professional encyclopedia in history of Ukraine were formed in modern Ukrainian encyclopedias.

The methodological strategies for representation and ways for construction of history of Ukraine in the format of universal professional encyclopedia were suggested.

The scientific research program on creation of compendium for social and humanitarian knowledge in history of Ukraine, which is designed for different categories of readers – professional historians and scientists-humanists, students, postgraduate students, teachers, researchers-amateurs and common followers of history, was implemented.

Comparison with world analogs. As of today, there are practically no world analogs for ten volumes project of EHU in Ukrainian language. Due to the scope, diversity and composition of lexical base the project of EHU may be only partially compared with five volumes “Encyclopedia of Ukraine” (TorontoBuffaloLondon, 19841993. — Vol. 15) in English language. Besides, the latter one is not the professional but only the public universal encyclopedic collection of data and knowledge about Ukraine that does not allow performing the purposeful and correct comparison in full.

10 volumes from project of EHU, which received the acknowledgment among specialists and are now intensively used as an information and reference resource at academic studios, scientific popularization and historical didactics, were implemented, prepared and published.

Economical effect from implementation – the powerful intellectual and information and reference resource that allows significantly intensifying the circulation of scientific information in history of Ukraine and providing with a wide range of academic, didactic, cultural educational and popularization needs in the field of national social humanitaristics was created.

Number of publications: Over 11 thousands lexical slogans, over 7,7thousands of illustrations, over 500 maps were published in 10 volumes of EHU (over 1,050 published sheets). According to Google Scholar database ( as of March, 2016, the total number of links to EHU is 806, h-index (Hirsh index) is 16and i10-index is 26.