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Devices and aids for diagnostics and magnetic nanotherapy of cancer

Work number - P 15 AWARDED



Barannik E.A., Dykan I.M., Boychenko Yu.P., Linskaja A.V., Litvinenko S.V., Marusenko A.I., Orel V.E., Pupchenko V.I., Romanov A.V., Shevchenko A.D., Shchepotin I.B.PresentedbyPJSC«JSCScientific-ResearchInstituteof Radio Engineering Measurements» of the State Space Agency of Ukraine


The paper solves a very important scientific and technical problem of development and industrial production of modern devices and aidsfor diagnostics and nanotherapy of cancer, capable of improving efficiency of diagnostics and therapy of oncologicdiseases and competing products of the world leading manufacturers.

The scientific basis and methodology of investigation of the effects of the interaction between ultrasound and biological objects and malignant tumours’ response to the combined action of electromagnetic and magnetic fields were elaborated in conditions of hyperthermia.

The technologies were developed for cancer diagnosing using the innovative technique of the shear wave Doppler elastography and complex therapy of tumours using magnetosensitive nanocomplexes and hyperthermia.

The world level of the developed devices and aidsis proven by their export abroad during the period of 2007-2012.

The volume of sales of the devices in 2004-2012 was 149.6 mln UAH, 6.83 mln USD  and 16 mln RUB. The economic efficiency of the development introduction in 2009-2012 was 31.0.

The scientific results were reflected in _3_ monographs, in over _125_articles. The novelty and competitive capacity of the engineering solutions were protected by _2_ certificates of authorship and _25_ patents. _3 _Doctor of Sciences   and _7_PhD theses dedicated to this theme were defended.