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Development of pulse fuzzy logical and neural elements for telecommunication networks

Work number - M 90 AWARDED

Authors: post-graduate student Kychak V.V., phD,  assoc. prof. SemenovA.O.phD,  assoc. prof. SemenovaO.O.

Vinnytsia national technical university

The work is dedicated to solving of the actual scientific and technical task, namely   the creating new and improvement of already existing pulse fuzzy logical and neural elements for telecommunication networks. Methods of pulse-frequency, pulse-duration and pulse-phase fuzzy-values encoding have got further development. Method of fuzzy logic elements structural synthesis has been developed. Structural schemes of pulse-frequency and pulse-duration fuzzy logic elements have been synthesized. The elements perform basic fuzzy logic operations (complement, minimum, maximum )  and supplemental ones(contradiction, tautology, prohibition, implication, Peirce's arrow, Sheffer's dash, exclusive OR, equivalence).

Artificial neurons have been developed, capable to process pulse signals, for modern specific computer devices. The fuzzy-controllers for controlling user’s access to GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks have been designed.  A block diagram of a fuzzy traffic controller allowing to avoid congestion in ATM-networks  has been developed.

The work’s results are implemented in the Vinnytsya branch office of JSC “Ukrtelecom” and LTD  “GEMICLE” (Vinnytsya), and in studies at Vinnytsya national technical university. Annual economic effect of small-scale production is 85000 UAH. Total expected economic effect of series implementation of the research results in GSM, CDMA, and UMTS telecommunicationnetworks in Vinnytsya region is over 350000 UAH a year. 

Obtained in this work scientific and technical results make a basis for production of competitive samples.

Authors’ publication count 162, including on the theme of the work 67 publications: 1 manuscript, 4 tutorials, 2 publications in Ukraine’s editions referred in Scopus, 33 articles in professional editions of Ukraine,  10 utility modelpatents of Ukraine, 9 articles in conference proceedings, 8 abstracts of international scientific-technical and scientific-practical conferences. The results of the research on the theme of the work were approbated on 16international scientific conferences and symposiums.

Total Authors’ publication in SCOPUS – 7, in IEEE Xplore – 9.