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Development of the physical foundations of design and technological solutions of the newest optoelectronics devi

Work number - M 92 AWARDED




Zaitsev  RomanValentynovich.

The scientific work is presented by the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

The purpose of work:Development of the fundamental physical and technological foundations of new design and technological solutions of domestic single-crystal silicon photovoltaic cells (PVC) to increase their efficiency while reducing the cost of solar cells; and theoretical description of the properties of new layered metamaterials, which can be used in the construction of modern solar elements and other micro- and nanoelectronics devices.

The scientific novelty: It has been demonstrated the opportunity of increasing efficiency of multijunction silicon solar cells with diode vertical cells of the new generation by reducing the dependence of output parameters of such type devices on the angle of light entry into the photoreception surface; this is provided by introducing monolayer reflectors of electrically conductive n+-ITO with thickness greater than 1 micron along the vertical boundaries of a combination of diode cells of multijunction silicon solar cells. It was also shown that the peculiarities of the artificial periodic semiconductor structure in a magnetic field enable effectively control the spectral properties of such materials by means of magnetic field and layer thicknesses.

Practical significance:The multipurpose LED illuminator was designed, manufactured and patented in Ukraine; it allows one to quickly and economically conduct the certification of monocrystalline Si-PVC's. It was demonstrated the ability to effectively use the silicon multijunction solar cells as nonvolatile highly sensitive sensors of optical location systems. It has been proved the possibility of effective control of the optical properties of semiconductor periodic metamaterial, that allows the use of the considered structure as Bragg mirrors, anti-reflective coatings, photovoltaic cells.

Total number of publications: 77 (35 of them are related to the scientific work), in particular in the international journals with nonzero impact factor (which are included in the SCOPUS database) – 10 (6 of them are related to the scientific work).

Total number of citations of authors papers according to the SCOPUS database – 15;total index of citing of authors papers according to the SCOPUS database – 1+1+1=3 (according to the website: