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Development of Human Potential of the Health Care System of Ukraine in Terms of Internal Transformations and Global Challenges

Work number - M 41 AWARDED

Author: Levytska O., Ph.D. (Econ.)

Submitted by the State Institution "Institute of Regional Research named after M.I. Dolishniy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine"

The cycle of scientific works includes 31 publications, including 4 monographs, 11 articles and other scientific works published during 2007-2017.

The scientific and methodological principles are substantiated, as well as practical recommendations for maintaining, strengthening and development of human potential of the national health care system on the basis of proactive human resource policy and regional peculiarities of its implementation are developed.

The obtained scientific results consist in the development of a method for the integrated assessment of population health with calculation of the integral index, which determines the level of social and medical efficiency of human resource policy in the health care and covers the system of demographic indicators, medical indicators and indicators of medical care accessibility and quality. The uniqueness of the author's methodology is that it can serve as the basis for economic and mathematical modelling of the influence of human resource policy’s components on the state of population health, serve as scientific basis for the construction of high-precision forecasts of the dynamics of health indicators, and can become an instrument for monitoring human potential of the health care and medical-social well-being in general. The proposed methodology is valid, reproductive, easily interpreted, sensitive to changes in the processes being evaluated, and allows identifying the levers of the impact of human resource policies on the health indicators.

The author proposes new unconventional tasks for solving the problem of devaluation of human resources in the health care system of Ukraine and its regions (in particular, in Lviv oblast), for reducing the outflow of medical specialists because of labour emigration as a global threat, for decreasing the imbalance of human resource provision in terms of separate professional groups and on a territorial basis.

The results of the cycle of scientific works are practical for determining the priority directions of implementation of mechanisms for maintaining and development of human resources in the health care sector, reducing staff imbalances, minimizing the risks of labour migration in the national health care system, improving the quality of medical care for the population based on the application of European standards and in line with internal reforms of the sector. The effects of introducing a proactive, economically modelled human resource policy concern the improvement of the population health.

Number  of  publications  of  the  cycle:  31,  including  4  monographs  (1  single, 3 collective,  2   of   which   published  abroad),  11  articles  (4   in   foreign     journals), 16 publications in conference materials. According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of references to author’s publications is 54, the h-index of work is 3.