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The development of drought-resistant maize selection material and increased content of carotenoids in grain


Presented by Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

The authors: Larysa Prysiazhniuk, Yirii Honcharov

The purpose of the research is to estimate the polymorphism of genes dhn1 and rsp41 associated with drought resistance and by the content of carotenoids to determine the efficiency of using DNA markers in the breeding. The selection of maize breeding material according to the characteristics of drought-tolerant and a high content of carotenoids in the grain was carried out by the authors based of theoretical studies and experiments.

The scientific basis were developed for the use of DNA markers in combine with the classical breeding methods for reducing the land resources and the time needed to get the finish result of breeding – a line or a hybrid of maize.

The basic conceptual bases of the possibility of using DNA markers associated with drought resistance were developed as functional markers for further selection in breeding programs of drought-resistant lines. The results of studies on using DNA markers that are associated with key genes of carotenogenesis in maize grain are reflected.

It is proposed to use of DNA markers to obtain hybrid combinations that are involved in competitive varietal testing and evaluation of indicators of resistance to drought and high temperature in the period 2017-2018.

It is shown significant potential in the domestic maize breeding material. For the first time, an evaluation was made of the efficiency of the combination of the presence of favorable alleles of an increased content of carotenoids and the actual content of these compounds in grain based on genetic distances between the studied lines using the Mantel test.

Maize lines have been selected that have the potential for enhanced carotenoid synthesis and drought tolerance according to the developed approach. The introduced method of assessing the breeding material is effectively used to create lines in the Research Institute of Agrarian Business.

The developed approach to the assessment of drought-resistant forms of DNA markers has let to reduce the time for conducting research on the selection of breeding forms of maize with characteristics of drought resistance and an high content of carotenoids to one cycle, carry out such an assessment before sowing material in the field and selecting on a molecular genetic analysis, to reduce the test area of breeding material by 42%.

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