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Detecting devices based on plastic scintillators



Artikov А.М., Budagov Yu.А.,Zhmurin P.N., Crumstein Z.V, Ledev V.N., Lagutin V.N., Malucin Yu.V., Olshevski А.G., Chirikov-Zorin I.Е.


Presented by Institute for Scintillating Materials NAN of Ukraine.

This work solves an important scientific-technical problem of developing detectors based on plastic scintillators for most large experiments on high-energy physics. For creating of this type of detectors, the new approaches were discovered and a new technology was developed for production of large-size plastic scintillators with increased transparency and radiation hardness. As the result of works there was created: new muon detector for CDF (USA), coordinate-sensitive detector for OPERA (France), electromagnetic calorimeter for COMPASS (Switzerland). All developed detectors have proved their performance during a long operation time in above experiments. All created detectors are directly related to all, achieved in the last time, results of modern high-energy physics.

Results of scientific researches of this work are presented in 112 scientific papers and 17 patents, more 80 of which are cited in the SCOPUS database. The cites of authors works number is, according to SCOPUS, more than 8000. The Hirsch index h = 51.

An achieved economic effect of implementation of improved technologies to  production of plastic scintillators and, based on them, detectors of ionizing radiation is 2 113 650 grn. Total effect of the work introduction is about 25 million grn.